Honest Kitchen Dog Food Webster Springs West Virginia

[dyna dynami=”image11″]There are many dog foods in the market today, but only few have an astounding efficiency and safety like Honest Kitchen. Most dog food brands promise that they have the best formulation, nutrition and ingredients for our dogs. However, not all of them are telling the truth. Not all dog foods are safe, most dog food companies use low-cost unhealthy ingredients to earn more. The result will bring threat to the health of your dog. Cheap ingredients may comprise unhealthy grains or low-quality meats that will produce huge amount of carbohydrates or bad proteins that are harmful to our dogs. Bad dog food companies use unhealthy processing of the ingredients and perform some treatments that will make the production easier, but will reduce the nutrients of the dog food.

Honest Kitchen Dog FoodSome companies put a huge amount of preservatives, additives or coloring which brings no benefits to your dog. These types of dog food are considered as dog fast food; just like what a fast food did to humans it will be bad for our dog’s health as well. Before choosing a certain dog food, make sure that it is made out of the finest ingredients, it went through the right process and it has the right amount of nutrients and has a good price like Honest Kitchen dog food .

Here we will be helping you find the best dog food for your pet dog.

Honest Kitchen Dog FoodThe better option to give the best dog food to your dog is to home cook it. However, it will take a lot of your time finding and buying the ingredients and the cooking process. A good dog food must have the right amount of ingredients and nutrients. The bad side of home cooking is that you will find it hard to look for the right ingredients that will give the right nutrients for your dog. And once you make a dog food, you will not be sure whether it has the right amount of nutrients. The best option is to find the best commercial dog food for your dog. There are some dog food brands that follow the right process and uses organic and healthy ingredients. According to the experts, the best dog food for your dog must contain 50% vegetables, 40% meat and 10% depending on the health condition, size and age of your dog. Avoid those very cheap products that mainly use three ingredients like cornmeal as a source carbohydrate, soybean and byproducts of slaughterhouses as a source of proteins. It will fill the stomach of your dog, but it will not do well to your dog’s health.

Honest Kitchen Dog FoodYou don’t have to choose the most expensive dog food. Look closely at the label. It must use ingredients crafted from a wide range of vegetables, fruits, high-quality grains, seed oils and proteins. These ingredients are good to your dog but the amount must be well checked. For example, a dog food with too much carbohydrate will make your dog obese. Your dog requires almost very little amount of carbohydrates. Some experts even believe that dogs don’t need any carbohydrates in their body. The most important nutrient is the proteins. It must come from organic and non-GMO farmed animals. Some uses peas as the main source of protein which is inappropriate and ineffective.

Honest Kitchen Dog Food Webster Springs West Virginia

Honest Kitchen Dog FoodWhen checking the packaging of a dog food, check first the content. Don’t get caught with the fancy clever catch phrases. The first ingredient on the list is the main source of their protein like beef, chicken, bison or lamb. Also look for vegetables, whole grains and fruits in the ingredients. A healthy dog food must be packed with proteins without unnecessary fillers like wood pulp, corn and fats. It must also have healthy additives like omega acids, antioxidants, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, chondroitin and Glucosamine which are all important to the wellness of your dog.

If you are able to feed your dog with a healthy dog food, you will clearly see the results inside and out. Your dogs will be active, have thick and shiny coat and will have no organ problems. You will also notice that your dog’s feces is reduced and have little to no odor. This indicates that all of the dog food’s ingredients are healthy and all usable and acceptable to your dog’s body.

[dyna dynami=”image11right”]One of the finest dog foods in the market today is the Honest Kitchen pet food. It is all natural and use whole food ingredients. The unique thing about this company is that they make their entire products human grade which means they only use ingredients that are consumable by humans. They believe that your dog must have the best and high-quality dog food just as the same quality with human foods. Their facilities as well are maintained and cleaned to match the quality of preparing human foods. Technically the dog foods they produced are all edible to humans. Human grade food must follow strict regulations and must be produced under 21 CFR Good Manufacturing Practices. The manufacturing, packaging and transportation must be done following the regulations for human food.

Honest Kitchen Dog FoodThe people behind the production of Honest Kitchen dog food actually taste the food they produce. They do this to make sure of its quality from its taste to its texture. If they don’t like the quality of its taste they change it until it tastes right. They believe that if a food is not pleasing to humans then it’s not good for dogs as well. They only use fresh and healthy 100% human-edible ingredients like meats and other organic ingredients. When you feed this to your dog, you will feel like you made the food on your own kitchen. It is nutritionally and economically balanced but very easy to prepare. All of their products are FDA approved assuring you of its quality and efficiency.

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