Wellness Dog Food Arbuckle California

[dyna dynami=”image2″]Wellness dog food is known as one of the top and leading dog food in the market today. They have been a consistent top ten overall dog food brand in consumer reviews. This dog food is manufactured by the Old Mother Hubbard Company which was first founded in 1926. At that time, they are in the bakery business. They started formulating dog food in the 1990s. In 1999, their first dog food brand was released to the market. They expand their business and manufacture cat foods and treats. They continue to excel and improve their dog food which gains recognition in 2004 in the independent pet specialty channel as the number one natural pet food.

Wellness Dog Food Arbuckle California

The Wellness dog food in Arbuckle California uses the philosophy that your dog must have the best healthy dog food. They offer natural holistic dog food recipes and avoid using additives, chemical preservatives, or any products in all their dog food brands. They avoid ingredients that will cause allergies to your dog like corn, wheat and soy. They only use vegetable fats and not meat fats to avoid cholesterol.

They have been using ingredients which came from other parts of the world like China. The strict quality standards of the company keep the effectiveness and ensure 100% purity of each ingredient. To improve and assess each product line, they conduct several tests in their own laboratory as well as from independent laboratories to assure that each product or batch is safe and ready to consume by your dog.

Wellness pet food offers both dry and canned dog food varieties. Their formulas are created to meet the nutritional needs of your dog and to provide the best quality that is worth the price. There are currently three product lines under Wellness. These are Super5Mix, Wellness Core and Simple Food Solutions.

Wellness dog foodSuper5Mix Dog Food

This product line is manufactured to provide nourishment in all life stages of your dog. Additionally, there are products under this line that is focused on the size or breed of your dog. The formulation is a balance of protein and complex carbohydrates. If your dog has some problems with his digestion, this dog food is good for him since it is known as highly digestible dog food.

Wellness Dog Food - Simple Limited Ingredient Dry Dog FoodSimple Food Solutions

This Wellness formula is made for dogs that have some allergies with a specific ingredient or have some food intolerance. The idea is to create a product that has a simple formula that will avoid certain ingredients that usually cause allergies. They combine a sole protein source like duck, salmon or lamb and an easily digestible carbohydrate. If your dog has a complex allergy, you will find a dog food under this product line.


Wellness CoreWellness Core Dry Dog Food Range

This formula is grain free created for your dog that needs a nutritional balance like proteins. They use several types of ingredients as sources of proteins. They don’t stuff too much meat in this dog food to reduce the amount of calories and fats.

Wellness dog food in Arbuckle California believes that a thoughtful approach to nutrition is the foundation of wellness and healthy life and that your dog must be treated like a human in terms of the quality of dog food they eat. They only use [dyna dynami=”image2right”]tasty real foods like deboned meat that are free from hormones and steroids. They also use fresh vegetables and fruits as a source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants as well as energy and protein. The company has never utilized animal by-products like from slaughterhouses or animal fats and possible allergens like soy, wheat, and corn. Their mission is to offer your dog a natural, great-tasting, healthy dog food.

Your dog deserves to live a healthy quality life with you. To do this, only give him the best dog food that will offer him the proper nourishment from safe and effective ingredients. Wellness dog food offers you and your dog the assurance of a healthy life.

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